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Changing your server name (Client Sided) - 4. Change the title string to whatever you want the frame of your client to be named, the chances are that this code is already there so simply just change it and your done! Changing your Cache name: Now that we have changed all of the names of your client we should most likely also do it for the cache itself, complete the following steps to do ... Change Item Slot Skyrim - Cyprus Poker Association

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any armor would work. i'm trying to use mod armor, but for a simple example how would you make ebony armor occupy slot 60? (changing both the... Efficient Zulrah Guide - Guides - DoomScape RSPS Community this setup allows for maximum kills and best use of inventory slots. ... you want to change your prayers according to ... Old School RSPS Server with a strong and ... Item Slot Changing - Skyrim Technical Support - LoversLab Okay so my problem is when I edited an item slot to use another one, It no longer shows up on my character even though its equipped. Heres how I did it: First I ... How to change items slots - General Support - rAthena So I see alot of item_db... There is one in re folder and 1 in pre-re folder.. wich one I edit? And is it normal that I dont have item_db in simply the db folder?

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How to change item place | Forum Hello.Can I change the place of the item in my inventory ?Items are add automatical, but i have special place for the item. How to change it?You can change the index order value of items with Lua script but you can't specifically place a single item in a specific slot because that's not how the inventory... How to remove items from Item Showcase? :: Help and Tips |… It has 10 slots and Ive been using all 10 of them, but now I want to show only 6 items but it still shows 10 slots, how to remove the last 4? < > Сообщения 1–15 из 19. [Solved Im Stupid] I just can't figure out how to clear an…